The Fast Life Day 5: Looking Back, Looking Forward

19 Jul

As my fast draws to a close, I almost feel like I’m going to really miss fasting. The extra time saved from not cooking. This crazy amount of energy. The peace of mind I’ve found.

Then I think about avocados and pop that little dream bubble real quick.

I’d like to take a moment to review this fast before I re-enter the world of food.

Looking Back

Day One was by far the roughest, although I was so fatigued the whole time (not to mention cranky) that I barely noticed. I went to bed early and felt groggy in the am.

Day Two was about as lame as #1. That’s not to say I wasn’t a fully functioning me, and in fact I was operating at a much higher level than I would under other conditions.
I really began to notice the toxic stuff clogging up my habits and subconscious over these two days also. I would find myself, bored at work, automatically migrating toward the kitchen, where I usually eat a pickle (or 2, or 5…), because HEY! there’s nothing else to do. Or that delectable veggie sandwich that really filled me up after the first half, well, might as well eat the other half too! This was part of the justification for the fast–shrinking my overextended stomach back to normal portion mode.
Then there were the times I’d be putting around at the house, and I’d kind of get into that zoned-out mode where your brain’s not really there but you’re still doing stuff. All of the sudden, I’d come-to and find myself in front of the refrigerator, thinking “hey wait! You can’t eat! How’d you even get here?!”

Day Three was the first 100% good day. No hunger, and not even cravings. No crankiness, no fatigue-in fact, an unexplained burst of beautiful bubbly energy! I didn’t get the coated tongue or BO some fasters talk about, although I did see some toxins making their exit from my body known in a fat zit or two on my chin.

Day Four was straight up magic. After only a little sleep, I helped pack up a garage sale in sweltering Texas sun (talk about a sweating it out!) for a couple of hours, did all that heavy lifting, and still felt like doing cartwheels. Instead I blogged that energy away, and had a zesty night at work, going strong till I got out of the bar at 4am. Crazy! And I felt great!

Day Five, today, has been much like day 4. I slept in more than usual (compensating for yesterday I’m sure), but compensated with a lovely bike ride to watch the sunset over the bay, a walk with the dog, and some light yoga. These activities gave me bursts of energy when I usually would have turned to a snack or a swig of tea or coffee.

Other noticeable changes?
-My skin is soooo soft! Loving it!
-I somehow feel like I’ve developed better posture. This might just be me but since I’m not focused on thinking about my next meal, I focus on keeping shoulders back and belly in.
-I’ve definitely lost some water weight. Just the muffin-top, but it looks good and feels great.
-My hair looks fabulous. Really sleek and shiny.
Haven’t been hungry since that hump to jump at day one. I hardly believe it myself.
Overall feeling very calm, centered, and content. Really in touch with my mood at a given moment, which makes me feel like I can be more rational about how I’m acting/reacting.
Mental clarity, you might say. Doing a good job repeating my fasting schpiel over and over again, despite the largely negative reaction I get from most people.

Looking Forward

I delved back into today, since I’m turning a new leaf healthwise, and am doing so in a very techie-kind of way. Myplate on there is AWESOME (like, I salivate at the thought of such high-quality free online software).
-It keeps track of your calorie and nutritional intake
-Has calorie & nutritional info for almost every food or meal you could think of, so you don’t have to do the work
-Gives you lots of pretty fun charts and graphs to help you track your intake/progress
-TONS of informative articles and tools
-As Lance Armstrong’s baby, this website also has great fitness stuff!

Next big thing I’m looking forward to: EATING!
Like any great love, separation only fanned the flames, rather than letting them dwindle. I feel like I am going to appreciate every bite at a whole new level.
Coming soon: a few of the restaurants I’ve been pining over that I’ll be trying soon.


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